Save room for dessert, Chef Andy makes a great Tiramisu!.

Meet Connie, Larry and Frank Amaturo with their guests

Stracciatella Soup; traditional chicken soup made with egg and grated cheese with spinach

Fiocchi; a kitchen special that Chef Andy prepares that EVERYBODY loves...imported from Italy, pasta purse pockets filled with 4 designer italian cheeses, a pear slice and then served in a delicious brown butter, fresh sage sauce with cracked black pepper, A Pasta Pasta favorite!

Tortellini alla Panna with portobello Mushrooms

Another Saturday Night at Pasta Pasta!!

Chef Andy loves to hear feedback from those dining in his dining room!  It is always an honor and a privilege to meet the chef behind the scenes!  Chef Andy always makes you feel as though the honor is all his!  

Seth, prepping food, and Judy, (aka Lightening), our bubbly Busser; giving a big thumbs up in the kitchen, ssshhhh, I think she was nibbling on those famous garlic knots again!!

Behind the Scenes

A special treat from the kitchen, Chef Andy made Shrimp and Lobster Bisque


This group of young diners is having a great time, loving their ravioli and spaghetti aglio e olio

Fusili Contadina- this Special dish is a long thick curly pasta that holds the sauce and meat at the top of the dish, served tonight in a sweet italian sausage and tomato, cream and parmagiana sauce!

Caitlyn loves her customers! They are truly like family!!


Frutti Di Mare!!  Seafood and this delicious or what?!!

Delux Pizza by Manny!

Where the magic begins at pasta pasta...and the man who creates all this Italian cuisine at one time!! 

Manny isn't just creating a pizza, he creates marvelous masterpieces!!  Have you tried his one of his specialty pies?

Master Chef Andy in the zone!

This is Manny!!!  Our pizza, stromboli, calzone and Italian roll artist!!

la Fine (the end)

Manny looks on; as Andy finalizes a delicious dinner; as to coordinate perfect timing in unison for both our entree and pizza guests at one table! Seth is getting the appetizers out to the dining room!

More smiles while enjoying quality time over a delicious pizza pie!  And the best part, nobody is stuck with the clean up!!